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Call Of Duty: WW2 Zombies The Shadowed Throne Walkthrough

Activision and Sledgehammer Games released the latest DLC pack for Call of Duty: WW2, featuring an all new zombies map called The Shadowed Throne. The DLC is available first for PS4, but will launch later for PC and Xbox One. Gamers in need of a walkthrough guide for the Call of Duty: WW2 The Shadowed Throne zombies map for unlocking the wonder weapon, the radio frequencies, hangman codes, Easter Eggs, and the pack-a-punch, will find everything they need right here.

How To Unlock Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon

So first up, before you can get to the pack-a-punch you’ll need to unlock the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon. YouTuber Joemet123 has a walkthrough guide available covering the basics you’ll need to go through in order to unlock the Wunderbuss. Check it out below.

So first up, you’ll need to collect two pieces in order to put the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon together. The first piece is located in the museum. The spawn locations may change but the battery can typically be found in the corner just in front of the tarp next to the stack of wooden crates blocking the stairwell.

Press Square on the DualShock (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) to pick up the battery.

Next up, go to the middle of the map where the radio is located. There’s a code on the top of the radio, it should be a letter followed by some numbers.

Next, go into the church and find the coordinates relating to the numbers that you saw on the top of the radio. Now this changes each time you play, so, as pictured in the image below, find the coordinates on the left hand chart and match it up with the coordinates on the map to your right.


Now, when you find the corresponding marker on the map, there’s a column on the left-hand image that says “band”. Write down the “band” number corresponding to the series bracket. Also, there’s a model number – follow the model number and write down the frequency from the “Freq” column.

Once you have these numbers, go back to the radio and use it to put in the band and frequency from the map.


If you did it correctly (and precisely) you’ll get a green light from the radio. You can also unlock an Easter Egg mission by putting in 16 and 7 as the radio code frequency.

Next, go to the plaza where the flare is burning on the dead body. There’s a locked crate next to the body. Shoot the lock off the crate. Melee or shoot the flares inside the box until you get the achievement for setting off the flares.

The zeppelin will get activated and some plasma casters will fire off a beam into the sky. You’ll need to kill the zombies around the fusion beams to fill up battery until it turns yellow.

When the flaming zombie begins to chase you, you’ll need to acquire a melee weapon, aim down the sights and melee him to death to get the Geistbolt.

Go down to the basement area near the spawn and you’ll need to place the battery inside of the machine with the blue light. Activate it from the other side to begin the next challenge where it’ll lock you in the room. You’ll need to press Square to grab the Wunderbuss from the charging station after you recover the battery. Once the crafting is complete, use the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon to shoot the gate mechanism to open the gates.

How To Activate The Pack-a-Punch

After you acquire the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon, you’ll need to go to the cage where there’s an electrical box and throw a grenade at it. Then use the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon to shock the electrical box.

Open up access to the destroyed building and go inside past the first room, to your right, and then make another right and there’s another electrical box on the wall.

Throw a grenade at the panel to open it up and then shock it with the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon to activate it.

This will unlock the gate to the elevator just outside the destroyed building. Inside the elevator you’ll find the Pack-a-Punch machine. You can use it to upgrade your weapons, but you won’t be able to use the vanilla Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon.

How To Unlock The Tesla Gun And Ripsaw

After you unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine, there’s a really interesting set of Easter Eggs you can unlock by interacting with the marquee sign outside of the theater.

So in order to unlock the Tesla Gun and the Ripsaw Wonder Weapons, you’ll have to play a game of hangman on the sign.

So first off, you’ll need to aim up and look at the far left side of the sign. There is a vertical sign of lights that are not lit up. There’s an up arrow at the top and a down arrow at the bottom, with three other unlit lights in the middle.

Use a weapon to shoot the up or down arrows to change the letter on the far left side of the marquee. Use the middle light to set the letter by shooting the middle light. This will put the selected letter onto the main marquee board.

There are a number of codes that unlock different items, as listed below via Joemet123:

  • REAPER: Insta-Kill
  • GEISTKRAFT: Full Charge
  • FAMISHED: Max Ammo
  • GLUTTONY: Double Jolts
  • WONDER: Tesla Gun & Ripsaw
  • THEJACKBOX: Jack-in-the-Boxes

There’s a 27 minute full walkthrough of the Easter Egg guide from MrDalekJD, which you can view below.

MrDalekJD will go through the standard Wonder Weapon tutorial along with how to activate the radio. He then goes through the process of unlocking the next segment in the Easter Egg.

How To Obtain The Golden Baseball Bat

So you’ll need to use the Wunderbluss to go into the room where you first acquired it, and use it to shoot open the cash register sitting atop a file cabinet.

Call of Duty WW2 Wunderbluss Cash Register

Crouch underneath the register and there’s a photo with a radio frequency. Write the numbers down and head back to the radio at the center of the map and input the frequency. Some audio will play on the radio.

Head toward the church and on the ground there’s a small panel. It’s just in front of the guitar sitting on the crates. Shoot the panel to open it up and cue the next sequence.

Call of Duty WW2 - Ground panel

You’ll need to hand him a weapon through the tiny hole. This randomizes each game but you can try the shotgun, the pistol or the MP40. If you hand the smuggler the correct weapon and on-screen prompt will let you know. Keep trying until you get him the right weapon.

Next up, you’ll need to complete anywhere between two and four more rounds before you can proceed to the next segment.

After that there’s another panel in front of the theater. Open it up and drop some joules down there until he lets you know that he has enough.

Now go back into the room where you crafted the Wunderbluss, and use a melee weapon to knock on the door at the back of the room three times. Once you get inside you’ll need to kill the zombies and take the golden baseball bat, which you’ll need to later insert into the wall next to the church where there are three vacant melee weapon slots.

How To Obtain The Dancer’s Dagger

Next up, head into the bedroom where the sleeping woman is located by busting through the door. There’s a painting above a dresser. Take it.

Head back to the theater and place the painting in front of the projector. Shoot the film reel from on top of the balcony, pick it up and place it on the projector.

A mini-map will be projected onto the theater screen and display green nodes on the map.

As mentioned in the video, the objective is to locate the clown dolls, which are soul boxes. They will collect souls. However, you won’t be filling them up. Instead you’ll need to count how many souls each of the clown dolls consume.

After you visit each location and each doll collects a number of souls, WRITE DOWN THE NUMBERS. These numbers are the safe code combination sequence.

Input the numbers in the sequence of the number of souls collected from each doll location to open the safe. Inside you will find the Dancer’s Dagger.

If you’re in need of a little help with the main Easter Egg in Call of Duty: WW2 The Shadowed Throne DLC Zombies map, there’s a walkthrough video available courtesy of NoahJ456.

The DLC for Call of Duty: WW2 is available first for PS4 and will be available for PC and Xbox One at a later date.

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