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Can’t Drive This, Crazy Racing Game Updated With New Mode

Pixel Maniacs announced that a new mode has been added to their asymmetrical, multiplayer racing game, Can’t Drive This. The goal is to build a track while driving through it, and the new mode called “Tile Mania” will challenge your reflexes and your creative skills.

Over on the Steam page, Pixel Maniacs revealed that the mode is currently available in build 216 for Can’t Drive This. The mode sees players having to build and extend the track within a limited area while the driver has to drive over as many tiles as possible to rack up points before running out of space. Every tile that’s crossed is an extra 10 points. The objective is to rack up as many points as possible and top the leaderboards.

The new mode is just one of many features that the developers have planned for Can’t Drive This as they slowly move through the Early Access phase.

According to the Steam page the title will only stay in Early Access for about three months before graduating.

If you would like to see how the level editor and multiplayer operates, there’s a video below from Gaming Taylor that showcases how the the game can be played.

As you can see, the object of the game is that one player builds the track while another player races on it. Players will have to work together to try to get as far as possible.

So I’m sure some of you are thinking that you can just move really slowly and avoid getting jammed. Well, the reality is that there’s a stipulation similar to the movie Speed. Players must stay above a certain speed otherwise they’ll blow up.

It’s like Micromachines meets Speed meets Stunt Race Fx.

It seems like the sort of game that could be tons of fun if you had some down time and a friend you could play with either locally or via online play.

You can check out the latest update for Can’t Drive This or pick up a digital copy if you don’t mind Early Access games by visiting the Steam store page. Can’t Drive This is currently available for $9.99.

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