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1428140cookie-checkCapcom Releases New Monster Hunter Stories Trailer Revealing Opening Cinematic

Capcom Releases New Monster Hunter Stories Trailer Revealing Opening Cinematic

Capcom usually produces some visually interesting looking CGI openings for their Monster Hunter games, and it seems like Monster Hunter Stories is no exception. The latest spin on the Monster Hunter series, Stories, is set to come out for the Nintendo 3DS on October 8th.

The latest video that just went up for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories is pretty cool. Although the base game for Stories isn’t really like the previous entries in the Monster Hunter games, Capcom, however, wanted to keep true to the series by adding in a nice little opening movie as the intro.

The CGI or short movie that is displayed in the game’s opening reveals a hunter and his sidekick cat friend trying to bring back a monster’s egg. The video from there follows the boy trying to escape the jaws of the ferocious beast until he sees the end of a cliff.

I do have to say that this intro really makes me want to play the full version of Monster Hunter Stories, although being a big fan of the series it doesn’t take much to spark my interest in a new iteration.

Moreover, you can watch the near four minute long trailer that Capcom put up on their YouTube channel, as seen below.

The new spin on Monster Hunter seems like a fun twist to the franchise seeing how it doesn’t seem out of place that you can now ride mountable monsters and tame them, given that the Monster Hunter universe is all about surviving, crafting and understanding things.

As of now, there’s a Japanese 3DS demo that is out for Stories via the Nintendo eShop in Japan. The demo features both Quest and Tournament modes, and will also reward players for participating in the demo with a Rider costume for Nabiru for use in the full version.

Monster Hunter Stories is set to drop this year for the Nintendo 3DS on October 8th.

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