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Carrie’s Order Up Updated With More Control Options

Ink Dragon Works recently updated Carrie’s Order Up on Steam. The indie arcade title is a lot like Diner Dash from way back in the day. The update adds an extra key to help control Carrie’s speed.

Over on the Steam page, the developer explains that some people found that the game was way too fast for their tastes, so a slower default speed was added, and the faster speed was attached to one of the buttons on the keyboard or joupad.

The game is fairly simple, insofar that you have to deliver food to the patrons of the restaurant as Carrie the crab, and then you take the empty plates back to the dishwasher. It seems easy, but the whole concept is similar to Diner Dash insofar that the difficulty quickly begins to ramp up the further into the game you move.

Artistically, it reminds me a heck of a lot of The Amazing World of Gumball. You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the Let’s Play video below from YouTube outlet Octotiggy.

The game is pretty fast-paced, giving you plenty to do and a lot of challenges in trying to make it through each level. The ability to now have a run button means that you’re not forced to move faster than you need to.

This is definitely a good thing for the game to have.

According to Ink Dragon Works, the option is in flux and could be altered depending on feedback, writing in the update post…

“[…] If you prefer something else, like hold to walk, or hitting the button once to alternate, you can change it in the Settings section of the menu.


“Let me know if it helps make the game easier, and if any other bugs come up. I’ll be trying to look into some of the other ones people have mentioned in the future.”

Carrie’s Order Up! was inspired by games like Pac-Man and Game Watch, featuring 160 side challenges, high-score leaderboards, controller support and in-game record keeping.

Carrie’s Order Up! is available right now for only $2.99 on Steam, so if you were looking for something small, fresh and fast to play, you can check it out on the Steam store.

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