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1428700cookie-checkCattle And Crops – Farming Simulator Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Cattle And Crops – Farming Simulator Seeks Votes On Greenlight

It’s surprising what kind of games you will find on Steam Greenlight, some are thrown together within a day, some are alright looking, while others are trash. It’s safe to say that rare gems on the platform are hard to find, and Masterbrain Bytes’ Cattle and Crops – Farming Simulator is one of those rare gems on the platform.

I know that there are other Farming Simulators out there with modded versions that could potentially overshadow Masterbrain Bytes’ Cattle and Crops – Farming Simulator. However, seeing that the devs actually provided in-game footage in a trailer for the Greenlight page, occupied by 3D renders that you can actual view, is quite impressive.

Already the devs completed their Kickstarter campaign and raised well over their $84,179 goal, while having 25 days left to go until the campaign ends. I’m not too sure how the actual game’s mechanics will be on release, but from the video trailer the indie team is doing a pretty good job with the current state of the game.

Cattle and Crops is said to feature small details like interactive mirrors, working doors, custom three-point hitch and other physics-based mechanics.

Folks will also be able to use employees to take up tasks like transporting fruits, harvesting fields, doing basic chores, taking care of animals and much more.

The part that really stood out to me is the fact that Masterbrain Bytes will support community mods in Cattle and Crops – Farming Simulator. Mods are a crucial pivotal point in a game’s life span. Mods can not only refresh your take on a game, but they can extend its lifespan and player base.

In addition to the mods the devs will provide modding videos and tutorials to help up-and-coming modders out, and will also give out modding tools that the team is currently using to develop the game — including in-game map and vehicle editing tools.

The team also has support from popular brands like Deutz Fahr, Horsch, Rauch, Mercedes-Benz, Strautmann, Stapel and much more. It’s also worth noting that all of these brands can be shown off to other players in the multiplayer mode too, which is pretty cool to be an indie game.

Lastly, you can help support this game on Steam Greenlight, or you can get more information over on their main site. If you want to see the game in action you can watch the official trailer below — although the music seems a little unfitting.

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