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1519240cookie-checkCemu 1.11.6 Improves Project Zero Gameplay, Super Smash Bros Softlocks

Cemu 1.11.6 Improves Project Zero Gameplay, Super Smash Bros Softlocks

Cemu 1.11.6, the Wii U emulator, is currently available for download right now for Patreon backers. You can acquire a version of the emulator for the basic price of $5 by visiting the Cemu team’s Patreon page.

The 1.11.6 version will be available for the general public starting April 3rd, 2018, this Tuesday. If you can’t wait you can just pay the fine and grab the Patreon version without having to wait for the public release.

The 1.11.6 changelog reveals that they’ve fixed some of the GX2 channels and shadow samplers for AMD cards.

They’ve also improved the shaders with the option to toggle between conventional shaders and separable shaders. They’ve added a UI for game selections, updated game profiles, and new options for game profiles to modify the CPU mode, useRDTSC and the shared local libraries.

A preview for 1.11.6 was posted up by reznoire, which you can check out below.

As showcased in the video, some of the biggest changes come with Super Smash Bros, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Project Zero: Maiden of the Black Water.

For Super Smash Bros. they’ve fixed the softlock issues that some gamers have been complaining about. You’ll no longer have to worry about the game freezing and locking up on you.

For Xenoblade Chronicles X the game’s booting issues have been resolved, and now gamers can get into the game and play it without any problems. There were some major booting issues in 1.11.5, so that should

Additionally, Project Zero: Maiden of the Black Water has had the compatibility problems fixed, so now the game runs a lot smoother on the Wii U emulator.

For gamers who want to check out the Wii U games on the Cemu, they can definitely do so with the latest version, which is available right now for Patreon backers and will be available starting tomorrow for the general public.

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