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1540010cookie-checkCemu 1.12 Available For Download, Enables Working Wii U Friends List

Cemu 1.12 Available For Download, Enables Working Wii U Friends List

The Cemu team have released the public version of Cemu 1.12.0, following a week’s worth of access exclusive to Patreon backers. The new version of Cemu offers a lot of compatibility improvement, performance improvements, and emulation accuracy for a variety of apps and games.

The Wii U emulator can currently be downloaded right now from the official Cemu website.

A number of fixes for the custom graphics pack has been addressed, along with general improvements to the game lists within the emulator, which now show the icons for the games, the ability to quick-navigate, and columns showing more details for each of the games in the list.

One of the other big changes is faster load times, native Wii-mote support, and the ability to properly use the Wii U’s friend list app, as demonstrated in the preview video below courtesy of the always reliable reznoire.

Surprisingly, the friends list app seems to work a heck of a lot better than you might have been expecting. You can send messages, add friends to your list, and check their status.

The friends list update also coincides with friends list compatibility within the games themselves, such as being able to team up with and join private or group parties in titles like Splatoon.

You can also join online games and invite friends to titles like Mario Kart 8, making it easy to play with and compete against people within the emulation community or the Wii U community.

Compatibility and performance improvements have also been made, allowing gamers with moderate PC hardware to play and enjoy a variety of Wii U games with stable frame-rates and fewer crashing.

This time around there were no changes made for the compatibility of specific games, but it appears as if 1.12.0 was more like an overall upgrade when it comes to compatibility and performance.

If you like what the Cemu team is doing and you want to support their efforts, you can do so by checking out the Team Cemu Patreon page.

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