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Check Out 15 Minutes Of Monster Hunter XX Switch Gameplay

Monster Hunter games have found a strong place in the hearts of gamers thanks to its comparably challenging gameplay and unique scenarios. The series is mostly found on handheld systems and it has done well enough to continue going forward, including coming to the Nintendo Switch. Well, MH fans and folks who own Nintendo’s latest gaming device will be treated to Monster Hunter XX for the Switch later this year in Japan.

Fans of Monster Hunter XX and the Nintendo Switch might have to wait until August 25th to get their hands on the Japanese version of said game, but thanks to publication site Gematsu who has the latest showing of CapcomTV’s live stream of Monster Hunter XX for the Switch,  you will be able to view 15 minutes of gameplay right now.

Being a fan of the series myself, I do have to admit that the news regarding Monster Hunter XX coming to the Switch grabbed my attention. However, there are some folks who peered over and witnessed the game via the live stream and were instantly appalled by the gameplay footage. Additionally, there are some who like how the game looks and plays on the Switch, but at the moment it seems that there are an equal amount who despise the upcoming game. You can be the judge as to whether the game looks decent or not by checking out the gameplay footage accompanied by active timestamps below.

  • 2:18:36 to 2:19:37 – Off-Screen Handheld Mode Gameplay
  • 2:19:54 to 2:20:38 – Off-Screen Tabletop Mode Gameplay
  • 2:21:02 to 2:22:34 – Off-Screen TV Mode Gameplay
  • 2:27:02 to 2:31:31 – Direct-Feed Gameplay
  • 2:33:09 to 2:39:33 – Direct-Feed Gameplay

For folks that don’t know, the above video showing 15 minutes of gameplay comes in by CapcomChannel. The original video was live streamed via CampcomTV and can be seen yet again in its full form over on

Monster Hunter XX for the Switch is set to come out on August 25th this year in Japan. No Western release has been announced yet.

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