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Check Out Video Footage Of No Man’s Sky Gameplay

If you are like me and are curious to see No Man’s Sky in action, a new video was posted up by No Man’s Gabe that shows over four hours of gameplay. This video obviously stands as a spoiler, and reveals actual in-game footage. Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is set for PC and PS4.

Before I pull up the link to the video, it has been noted that the game will be delayed for PC by three days, setting it to August 12th. I know some probably had their calendars marked, but the wait must proceed due to the team polishing the game up.

However, while we all wait for the game to drop, a new video was posted up showing well over four hours of gameplay. The video is long and actually gets straight to the point, and wastes no time finding stuff in the world of No Man’s Sky. You can check out some footage from Angel Figueros below.

Additionally, YouTuber No Man’s Gabe tries to keep the playthrough quite series while adventuring. Yes, he does crack some jokes, but I think that he does a decent job of showing off different parts of the game without being obnoxious.

Something worth noting, because I know some of you are wondering why there isn’t a video, the old videos kept getting taken down, so he streams his playthroughs and then posted them up to YouTube. This means you can’t put them up, because it doesn’t allow for video playback — in other words, it shows up as static so it won’t get taken down.

So here’s the link to No Man’s Gabe‘s YouTube channel to watch all four hours of gameplay footage. However, if the video gets taken down, you can find links in the description box in his YouTube video that will lead you to other videos pertaining to No Man’s Sky. Alternatively, some of the gameplay footage can be viewed below courtesy of babylegs1.

babylegs1 – Leak #1 – 04-08 03.01PM by Revision_R

No Man’s Sky is set to come out for PS4 and PC, which the latter is set to come out on August 12th. For more information on the game you can visit

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