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1415230cookie-checkClassic Kyo Outfit Is Free Launch DLC For King Of Fighters XIV

Classic Kyo Outfit Is Free Launch DLC For King Of Fighters XIV

SNK will be treating fans of King of Fighters to some special King of Fighters XIV launch day DLC… for free! The content will feature an alternate outfit for the resident King of Fighters hero, Kyo Kusanagi. It’s his traditional brownish-black school boy uniform that he wore earlier in the series during his youth.

To help give gamers an idea of how the classic Kyo outfit looks in the actual game, they released a minute long trailer showcasing Kyo kicking the butt of Benimaru wearing his school boy outfit. You can check out the quick trailer below.

Unfortunately they don’t zoom in to give you a more in-depth look at the outfit, but fans of Kyo’s look between King of Fighters ’95 and King of Fighters ’99 will likely appreciate the gesture.

This instantly opens the door to a wildly erratic basket of questions. For instance, does this mean that they may release DLC costume packs for the active roster? Could this also open the door for DLC characters? Is it possible new challenge missions or story mode additions could become a possibility as well?

Maybe if King of Fighters XIV does well enough there will be a DLC expansion pack featuring Eiji and Yamazaki? Maybe? One can hope.

For now, SNK is fixated on getting the word out as far and as wide as possible to attract as many fighting game fans as they can to help bolster the sales of the upcoming 3D fighter for the PlayStation 4.

The company has been making the rounds at the local and national fighting game tournaments, and hopefully things will go over well at CES 2016 and maybe we’ll get a look at it at this year’s EVO… hopefully? King of Fighters XIV is due to for release on August 23rd exclusively for the PS4. If the game sells well enough maybe we’ll see a version ported over to PC.

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