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Clock Simulator Launches With Positive Steam User Reviews

Clock Simulator is a simple game about keeping time, developed by indie game studio Kool2Play. The main objective is to play as the clock, think like a clock, and to become a clock.

clock sim 2 reviewI’ll be honest, when I first saw this game on Steam Greenlight a few months ago I thought it was a joke, but it oddly turned out to have an interesting concept and the developers actually put effort into coming up with interesting clock-based mini games.

In Clock Simulator, you will have to keep track of time in one second intervals by tapping your mouse or Spacebar to the soothing Tick-Tock rhythm of the clock. It plays similar to rhythm dancing games where you have to time the clicks just right, but tapping perfectly in one second intervals is a lot harder than it seems. I haven’t played the full version yet, but I did play the demo version of Clock Simulator and something about the minimalistic UI and simple gameplay was oddly entertaining, but I will admit that the game isn’t for everyone.

Clock Simulator released on the Steam Store on July 20th, 2016. So far, they have about 36 reviews for the game with only two of those reviews being negative to not recommend the game. Out of those two negative reviews, only one of them is actually a written review to describe why they didn’t like the game, written by Steam user Stateless, who wrote:

Why did I buy this? Because it was 99 cents and I had the money in my steam wallet. Would I buy these game again? With my own money? Probably not! It’s just not the game for me.

clock sim reviewChances are if you are a hardcore gamer and you aren’t into casual clicking puzzle games you may not see the appeal of Clock Simulator.

However, the other 34 reviews are all positive with most saying that the game is relaxing, filled with challenging mini games you have to unlock, and most importantly, it is a fun game for it to be so simple. As for the few problems Clock Simulator did have when it launched, the developers have quickly patched the problems to give a smoother more enjoyable playing experience, and they say they are also working on adding more content soon. I’m going to link to YouTube Channel PCGamesN, who uploaded a video that is close to 8 minutes long, showcasing the game and a few of its features.

Although the guy in the video seemed to lose interest while playing and didn’t see the appeal of the game, most of the reviews on Steam seem to understand the concept of Clock Simulator and appreciate the game for what it is. Clock Simulator can be purchased from the Steam Store for just $0.99 cents (USD). As for the collectors and card sellers out there, Steam trading cards are also coming soon, so for those of you who are interested in trying a simple and cheap puzzle game, you can follow the provided link up above to learn more about the game.

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