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COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

The latest non-linear point-and-click game to hit Steam Greenlight comes in the form of Moonburnt Studio’s COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction. Sporting a silhouette design and a Victorian age premise, folks will be able to solve the game’s conundrum via eight chapters that can be accessed through conversation, investigation and solving the mystery the best way you think is efficient.

I do enjoy seeing different developers’ work on Steam Greenlight, however I don’t enjoy trollish things like toilet simulators and other lazy half-done stuff that looks like it was made in MS paint. With that said, Moonburnt Studio has come around with their latest point and click game COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction, which looks pretty interesting.

The game is noted to introduce various parts of the story and gameplay that are affected by non-linear events, altering the course of the story depending on the time they were completed. Thus the game has players shaping both their future and past at the same time.

As noted above, the game is divided into eight parts that aren’t in chronological order. This means when starting the game, depending on your choices, you will be able to jump to chapter seven, then to chapter three without even knowing it. This system is explained below.

“Depending on the actions the player chooses within each chapter of the game, yet-to-be-played chapters are placed in an appropriate “version” of the past or the future.”

Without spoiling the game’s story or going on a long wordy spree of text about what the game has to offer lore wise, I think it’s best to show you the trailer the devs have up and out for your viewing pleasure. The new video trailer comes in courtesy of Moonburnt Studio.

As of now the game is currently on Kickstarter, and holds 320 backers, and has pulled in $9,453 out of its goal of $44,192, with only 30 days to go until completion. For more information on COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction you can either visit, or Greenlight.

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