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1409370cookie-checkCrowfall’s Castle Destruction Trailer Is All About The Physics

Crowfall’s Castle Destruction Trailer Is All About The Physics

If you’re looking for a PvP game where you can take down a castle, destroy your opponents and blow up a glowing tree, well ArtCraft Entertainment’s Crowfall doesn’t seem to be a bad way to go about it.

The latest trailer for the game focuses on the physics-based destruction. This includes the ability to blast through the walls, tear down corridors and completely dismantle fortifications. I’m not going to waste words describing it all to you, I’ll let you fill your eyes with the physics-based destruction by checking out the trailer below.

That frame-rate, though.

According to J. Todd Coleman, ArtCraft co-founder and Crowfall‘s creative director, he stated in the press release…

“This is an incredibly exciting milestone for us,” “Our previous tests centered on PvP combat, which is obviously critical to our game but not unique to the market. Our physics-based castle siege system marks the point where Crowfall starts to separate from the other games available in the market.”

It’s an interesting setup, I’ll give them that.

The concept right now looks like a sort of MOBA mixed with an MMO-style gameplay setup. The objective of destroying the tree reminds me of destroying towers in most MOBA titles. The various team-based mechanics and strategies required to overcome the opposing team reminds me of MMO raids. The physics-based destruction is pretty cool, though.

Now keep in mind that Crowfall is still going through early pre-alpha testing. They’re still quite early on in development after completing the Kickstarter and getting the crowd-funding all sorted. For now, it’s not bad what they have completed and they seem to be on the right path with this Medieval Engineers-style PvP approach they’re taking. It’s completely possible that the game will come together nice and tight when it’s time for release, with a smooth-as-butter frame-rate and some solid gameplay.

Right now, it looks like a cool concept that players are helping test to bring up to its full potential. You can learn more about the “throne of war” game by paying a visit to the official Crowfall website.

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