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Counter Strike tournaments have been around for over 20 years. In that long time, cs go esports tournaments have become some of the most popular and prestigious in the world of esports.

The history of cs goes esports tournaments began in the late 1990s when the game was still in development. The first tournaments were small and local, but even then you could see the game’s interest and potential. 

The tournament structure in CSGO

There are several list of cs go tournaments. In most cases, all cs go tournaments are linked. However, it is worth keeping in mind that some cs go online tournaments are free and are held separately from the main event grid. The list of all kinds of matches and tournaments is huge. 

Consider the main cs go upcoming tournaments:

– regular league tournaments;

– cycle tournaments;

– Intel Grand Slam tournaments;

– major tournaments. 

Each of the cs:go tournaments online should be discussed separately. Each has its conditions, prize money, selection system, and structure of cs go tournaments online.

With such a variety of csgo pro tournaments, the system of carrying out, types of grids, and types of matches in them are quite similar. There are two most popular tournament formats – single elimination and double elimination.

Single elimination is a system in which teams play each other on elimination. They have no chance or right to make a mistake. Upcoming cs go tournaments this system is not used as often, and a more popular format of the tournament is double elimination.

Double elimination – in this format of the tournament there is an upper and lower net. The first time a team loses, it does not leave the tournament but falls into the lower net. After that, it can still get to the final of the tournament. If this happens, the team that made it through the top grid will have a one-card advantage at the start. To stay up to date, keep an eye on the cs go tournament schedule

The most notable tournament organizers

The game is developed by the well-known company Valve. This guarantees excellent cs go tournaments scheduled during the year. The company holds the biggest counter strike tournament. On the part of the organization, there are all kinds of support. 

This year, expect a large number of cs to upcoming tournaments. Big, interesting, and eye-catching is unlikely to be even a dozen. But those that we expect, are amazed by its scale.

One of the largest organizers of esports tournaments BLAST announced the dates of the BLAST Premier Series 2023. As in previous years, the upcoming cs go tournaments operator will hold a full season, divided into two splits (spring and autumn). There will also be a final cs go tournament online with a prize fund of $ 1 million. More than 60% of users selected Blast as the best organizer of CS tournaments in 2022. There will be two ways to get to the spring and fall season finals. Tournament Groups for BLAST partner clubs and Event Showdown. Winners of regional online competitions can qualify. This year, the first major will be held in Paris. The prize fund in cs go upcoming tournaments will be $1.25 million.

The top prize fund is headed by PGL. The organizer company has spent more than $ 1.7 million. It is the only tournament organizer that makes a profit. The others in the market have debts, losses, and credits. The organizers of the PGL Arlington Major 2022 sold all the tickets for the tournament – it took two months. 

German organizers ESL is the leader in the number of tournaments. They have held more than 1,200 tournaments.

This year we are expecting Twitch Rivals 2023, a tournament from the organizer Twitch, with support from Capital One, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut, and TurboTax. Even though Twitch organizer has seen a bit of an exodus of counter strike tournament audiences right now, Twitch is still the most popular platform. This trend has not changed for a couple of years. This service accounts for almost 87% of all hours of counter strike global offensive tournament viewing. So if you are wondering where to watch cs go tournaments, look at Twitch.

How many CS:GO Majors tournaments per year?

In Counter Strike Global Offensive, the developer makes sure there are hundreds of different tournaments every year. They differ from each other in scale, prize pool, and prestige. Among the crowd of one-type tournaments, the developer created Major. It is the most important tournament for players. Major is attended by 16 of the strongest organizations from all over the world. At the same time, Major tournaments can be compared to a holiday for the community of the game. In addition to hosting the tournament, the developer begins to add a special pass to the game, and with it things like stickers, team graffiti, and rosters. By making the right bets, you can become a lucky winner of souvenir sets. 

Every year, this tournament raises the bar with its prize pool. In other words, Major as a tournament continues to grow esports and help it get to a new branch of its development. Major is a coveted tournament for every team in the world. 

There are only 2 Major tournaments per year. This parameter forces every professional to show their capabilities and skills.

The biggest CS:GO tournament of the year is Valve’s Major. Usually, it is held once or twice a year. These tournaments are considered the official world championships, with the strongest teams from all regions participating.

Annually there are several major CS:GO online leagues and LAN tournaments. These are most often held in Europe and North and South America. The prize funds of the major championships range from $500,000 to $2 million.

This year’s Paris Major will be the last CS:GO Major. In 2024, there will be a CS2 tournament. Participants in the Paris Major 2023 will be determined April 4-15 at regional RMR tournaments. The final stage will meet the top 24 teams. They will compete for the world title and $1.25 million in prize money.

On the days when the Major is held, the game becomes the most popular on Twitch, with millions of users worldwide watching each match.

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