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1425300cookie-checkCube Battle Offers PVP And Custom Level Builder

Cube Battle Offers PVP And Custom Level Builder

Indie Developers Alive game studio has recently submitted a new game onto Steam Greenlight, that pits players against each other in Cube Battle.

Cube Battle is an isometric multiplayer PVP game, that features game modes with up to 8 players competing for victory for both online multiplayer action, or local multiplayer fun so that you can stay connected and play with your friends and family. As for the graphics and art style, it is done in a blocky cartoon style similar to a zoomed out version of Minecraft, with bright and vibrant colors.

Although Cube Battle has classic deathmatch where you are armed with a variety of different weapons and you run around and shoot at your enemy to score a few kills, there are also other game modes as well, so Cube Battle isn’t purely just a shooter game, as it also has a few other game modes as well which makes it a little bit like a variety party game.

The other modes include a racing mode to see who can reach the finish line first, as well as a Hide and Seek game mode. The developer hints at other game modes, but they currently are not listed on the Greenlight page. Take a look at the official trailer video that I linked down below.

The end of the video gives a small glimpse of the custom stage builder, which allows players to make their own level designs so that they can share the stages and then battle across them. The level editor in my opinion is a whole lot better than procedural content, because this will essentially allow players to create an infinite number of different stages, which also adds more replayability.

I’m not sure how detailed the editor will be for Cube Battle, or how much freedom you will have to edit the stages, and so far I’m not sure how you will share the stages with other players. I’m hoping that it will be with Steam Workshop so that content sharing is fast, easy and hassle free. I’m hoping that the combination of the different game modes and the stage editor will allow players to think outside the box to create some really unique content.

In a discussion one of the Steam users created, they actually ask about the customization options and the developer replied and said that there will be some form of player customization. However, the topic was written in Chinese, so I had to use Google Translate to read it so I’m not completely sure about the details and how accurate the translation was.

English is listed in the language support (because the game appears to be made by Chinese developers), so hopefully we will get more details about the game in English soon. For more information about Cube Battle, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to learn more and cast your vote.

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