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1415390cookie-checkCuphead For Xbox One And PC Gains New Gameplay Video

Cuphead For Xbox One And PC Gains New Gameplay Video

Taking a new approach to mimic Disney’s classic art instead of jumping on the train of copying Pixar’s work, Studio MDHR opted to take on the aesthetics of Disney’s 1930’s cartoons and came up with Cuphead. The 2D side-scroller plays out like older platforming games, and provides an adventuristic story with a number of bosses to battle through. The game currently has no release date, but it is expected to release this year.

According to IGN — who posted up the video that you can view below — we finally get to see more gameplay of Cuphead that rocks the old school side-scrolling premise. Speaking of old school, the game takes on the very unique artwork of Disney’s older cartoons like Dumbo, Pinocchio and Snow White, amongst many others, and mixes it in with platforming and challenging boss battles.

Cuphead looks very challenging and fun, not only do the bosses and their patterns look punishing, the normal maps look pretty tough, too. Honestly, I like learning curves like this because it adds more character to the game and offers more replay value.

For those of you that don’t know, Cuphead also contains two player co-op and a world map. Running through the world map offers players choices on where they would like to go, and once in a map players can choose to run it solo or as a duo with their buddy.

The video below shows a player running through a forest area battling a significant number of enemies, and reveals the nice amount of platforming Cuphead will feature. Those that are interested can watch the video the source posted up, which shows one minute and 25 seconds of gameplay.

After watching some Silly Symphony short films like Elmer the Elephant and others, I can see the inspiration here and it’s surely not a bad thing to see in a game like Cuphead, however there’s currently no release date for the game. For those interested in Cuphead, It is noted to release sometime this year for PC and Xbox One.

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