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1416180cookie-checkDad Quest Sends Players On An Epic Fatherly Adventure

Dad Quest Sends Players On An Epic Fatherly Adventure

Just in time for Father’s Day, Dad Quest puts players on an epic adventure to raise their child, help them gain experience and teach them new skills, in this fatherly platform adventure game created by Excalibur Games and Sundae Month.

I saw the thumbnail for Dad Quest and had to click on this one. Yes, this is a Steam Greenlight game. Yes, it does have 2D retro sprite graphics. And yes, Steam Greenlight is filled with a lot of 2D platform games with bad humor. But something about this one made me chuckle and want to see more, and I actually found the humor to be enjoyable. The more I looked into this game the more I saw that actual effort was put into making Dad’s Quest.

Of course you will be raising your child like any good dad would do, but you can also toss your child… at enemies! But don’t worry, you aren’t placing your child in danger because that would make you a bad dad. Your child has special powers that are activated by your dadliness to allow you to throw them at supersonic speeds to damage enemies. Your child starts the game with you choosing a class for them to determine their stats and skills, I raised mine as a cultist.

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If you take your child to school, you will be able to educate your child by giving them key life lessons and experience to help them develop and grow to become more powerful. This will allow your child to gain more strength, increase their intelligence, or bond with your child to create more loyalty. These life lessons will help your child gain new powers as well, such as the ability to throw your child to perform a spin attack in the air or a powerful beam like blast to destroy dangerous enemies that stand in your way.

Dad Quest is designed in a semi-open world for you to explore and venture out into the wilderness, with different paths you can take to discover new areas. Sometimes these areas will be blocked off by an obstacle and you will need a specific skill to help you cross, so for those cases you’ll have to turn back and come back later.

Dad Quest isn’t all about the child gaining new abilities though, what type of dad would you be if you couldn’t protect your child? Dads can gain special abilities as well to slide kick on the ground, perform a flaming dash kick from the sky, and create what looks to be a protective shield to keep you and your child safe. As you gain new abilities it will allow you to travel farther and discover new areas. Want to see What Dad Quest is like in action? The developers released a gameplay trailer video, so I linked it down below so you can check it out for yourself.

If you are on the fence for Dad Quest, don’t worry. The developers have released a free playable demo from their official website that you can download to test it out to see if you like it, just follow the provided link to download it. I downloaded it and actually enjoyed it for the most part, however if you test it out just know the demo isn’t a standard executable file, it is a SWF file and I had no way to open it, so I just drag and dropped the file into a new tab in Google Chrome to run it in my browser.

Last but not least, Dad Quest is also on Steam Greenlight looking to get enough votes to help them get onto the Steam store page, so if you are interested, you can follow the link to learn more and cast your vote.

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