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Dark And Light, MMORPG PC Game Closed Beta Sign-Up Now Live

One of the many MMORPGs set to come out, namely Dark and Light, has a Closed Beta sign-up trial currently going on that allows gamers and fans of the action-fantasy adventure title to test it ahead of its initial release. Snail Games’ Dark and Light is set to hit PC sometime this year.

An MMORPG that might just be a big hit on release is Dark and Light. I say this because the game features destructible environments, a crafting system that allows for environmental construction, a physics-based magic system that can also alter the environment around you (the player) to hurt enemies, mounts, and a free roaming combat system that features both melee skills and offensive/defensive magic.

Well, if all of that sounds like fun a playable Closed Beta sign-up trial is now live for gamers to become eligible to play Dark and Light early. Here’s the notice the devs sent out for gamers to look over:

“It’s a big day for Dark and Light! We’ve open up sign-ups for Dark and Light’s first closed beta test, and we’ve also just published a brand new in-game trailer!


Click the link below to fill out a survey for a chance to participate in DnL’s first closed beta test.


Sign-ups will be open from now until next Thursday, 6/15 at 11:59PM PST, and the closet beta itself will start on Tuesday, 6/20. Slots for this CBT are limited, so sign up now!


Sign up here:“.

If the link in the blockquote did not work for you hopefully this link that leads to the main website will help you out in signing up to play an early build of Dark and Light. In addition to the blockquote we see that it makes mention of a trailer, well you can check it out below thanks to Snail Dark and Light‘s channel.

If this game Dark and Light seems interesting to you more information can be found by either hitting up its Steam Early Access page or

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