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Day Of Infamy Hopes To Evolve Day Of Defeat’s Gameplay

New World Interactive released Day of Infamy into Early Access recently. The developers let loose the team-based first-person shooter as they attempt to fix, shape, mold and improve the FPS leading up to its final release.

The original Day of Defeat was released back in 2001 and was based on Half-Life‘s Source Engine. The newest game is its own beast, sporting teamwork based gameplay where players will work the field with various commands and support roles in order to strategically take down foes.

The World War II sim sees the British Commonwealth and the U.S. Army doing battle against the German Wehrmacht across a variety of authentic locations, including Normandy, Belgium and even Sicily.

They’ve decked the game out with a ton of different weapons to use, from bolt-action rifles to sub-machine guns to pistols and flamethrowers. You get to see some of the sniping gameplay in action courtesy of sellout jackfrags. He has nearly 19 minutes worth of unmodified gameplay footage that you can see below.

Okay, I’ve got to admit… that was some intense gameplay. The close quarters combat is one of the strong selling points of the game and as you can see, this is not Call of Duty. You have to watch your corners and you have to reload tactically.

You have to strategically use your smoke waves, you have to work together and you have to think smart about how you take over the bases and deploy against the enemy.

One of the really cool things that I like is the fact that reloading isn’t done at the speed of light. They actually reload at the speed of a normal human being.

Another thing is that the game uses proximity sounds, so you can talk to your teammates using voice chat to plan out your attacks.

Now if you’re not into multiplayer games and you tire of PvP, don’t worry they have a cooperative mode available for up to eight players where you take on waves of AI across different modes. They have three different co-op modes, a Patrol mode where you have to reach a waypoint but you don’t get any spare lives, an Entrenchment mode where you have to defend a line at all costs and a stronghold made where you have to move in and secure enemy territory.

Day of Infamy is currently in Early Access at the moment and you can get your hands on it for only $19.99 from over on the Steam store. The developers plan on shipping the game out in full either by the late fourth quarter of 2016 or the early first quarter of 2017.

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