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Days Gone Studio Increases Size As Game Nears Completion

Those looking forward to Sony and SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone should be happy to hear that the game is nearing completion and has increased in size thanks to the development studio known as SIE Bend Studio jumping staff size from 43 heads to 103 heads.  The studio has no plans on cutting back after the game releases exclusively for PS4.

The information regarding Days Gone nearing completion and the studio, SIE Bend Studio, comes from publication site Gamasutra. The site noted that the Oregon newspaper The Bulletin published a piece last week that Sony Entertainment’s Bend Studio is transferring or moving to a more spacious building later this year as it continues to work on the Walking Dead meets Sons of Anarchy game — Days Gone.

The former publication site, Gamasutra, posted up that it is common for development teams to increase in size as a project nears completion, which can be seen below.

“It’s common for game development teams to swell as a big project nears completion, then shrink once the game has shipped. The fact that Sony Bend seems to be laying down stakes in a big, roomy new building suggests the studio’s recent increase in size is expected to be somewhat permanent.”

The publication site goes on to say that the impression is backed up by a conversation that SIE Bends Studio’s Chris Reese had with The Bulletin last year, or in 2017, when Reese noted that Days Gone had pushed the studio to more than double its ranks from 45 people to over 103 people, and that the studio will continue to grow. This means that more games from this studio are obviously underway, seeing how Reese noted that the team has no plans on cutting back and that “we have a longer term plan”.

The game currently has no release date, but it is set to come out for PS4. If you have no idea what Days Gone is the game’s E3 2016 video by PlayStation sits below to help freshen you up.

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