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1544730cookie-checkDead By Daylight Teases New Content With Off The Beaten Track Trailer

Dead By Daylight Teases New Content With Off The Beaten Track Trailer

Behaviour Interactive announced that there’s some new content on the horizon for Dead By Daylight, and the latest update for PC, PS and Xbox One will be themed around some sort of toxic gas from a bottle. This new killer was hinted at in a 44 second teaser trailer.

The trailer is really short and quite somber – I mean, it’s Dead By Daylight, so what would you really expect? It centers around a chick sitting in front of a camp fire while the glow of the embers bounce into the moon lit sky. An audience of towering trees lumber around the open auditorium of grassy dirt and star-kissed skies.

The camera zooms in while the tattooed girl strums a tune, alone, at night, in the dark.

After getting in close enough, the camera stops – the girl looks up and the screen fades to black after a bottle breaks in the distance.

We then get a quick glimpse of a broken bottle with some sort of purplish mist spilling out of it.

Obviously the theme of the villain and the map will be based around the mist, whatever it is.

So what does Behaviour Interactive have to tell us about the new content? Nothing.

There’s no press release for the new video, just the video.

Previous to releasing the video, the last press release that was sent out was a roadmap for the Year 3 content, which will feature a total of four new maps and four new survivors. There will also be four new killers to boot.

A new tutorial mode, new cosmetics, and an improved anti-cheat system is also on the way.

The only thing that seems a little troublesome is a new “toxicity” tool. Usually this results in overbearing censorship and authoritarianism, like what happened to the Overwatch community. So I don’t know how well that’s going to turn out, but history has proven that it hasn’t ever turned out well.

Anyway, you can learn more about the upcoming info and look for the new chapter to launch soon via the official website.

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