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Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Video Reveals New Evo Zombies

There will be three zombie types in Dead Rising 4, the standard horde, the freshly bitten zombies and the new evo zombies. The standard horde will be the classic slow-moving group with tons of them filling up the screen like a George Romero flick. The freshly bitten zombies are a little bit different and will have red glowing eyes and run at you like the zombies from 28 Days Later.

The evo zombies are entirely new to the series and not only can they run fast but they can also hide, lurk from the shadows and even dodge your attacks. You don’t get to see them much in the video below but you do get glimpses of them. Check it out, courtesy of GameNewsOfficial.

The main image in that video above? Yeah, that’s probably framed on the Grand Wizard’s wall in his mom’s basement.

Anyway, the video goes over some of the new features in Dead Rising 4, including the ability to take selfies, the new exo-suit that allows you to combine it with other items – such as attaching it to a snow-cone machine and using it to create a whirlwind against the zombies – and the all new vehicles that can be commandeered and upgraded to wipe out zombies as quickly as illegal immigrants wipe out weeds on the grass of Trump’s lawn.

We get to see a few of the new weapons at Frank’s disposal, as well as some of the new zombies wailing away at the hero.

One of the things about the Dead Rising series that always bothered me was just how harmless the zombies seemed. There are thousands of them on screen but they were rarely ever menacing, deadly or dangerous in the previous games. It was more like they were just there to be crafted-weapon fodder.

Anyway, Dead Rising 4 is due for release on December 6th for Windows 10 and the Xbox One as Capcom hopes to make zombies great again.

Sadly, there’s no PS4 release for now. Expect that in another two years or so (especially at the rate Microsoft is losing exclusives). You will be able to grab Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2 for the PS4, though. So keep your eyes peeled for that. For more info feel free to visit the official Dead Rising website.

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