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1414950cookie-checkDead Rising 4 Rumored To Appear At E3 2016

Dead Rising 4 Rumored To Appear At E3 2016

Some leaked images have apparently gone live for the rumored release of Dead Rising 4, the sequel to the 2013 Capcom release of Dead Rising 3.

The news surfaced on a site called This Gen Gaming, where they spotted a poster for Dead Rising 4, along with a quick in-game shot of the 3D zombie title.

Details are hazy, as is common with most leaks ahead of their official announcement. However, the site notes that this newest game could be a remake of the first game, taking place during the Christmas time following the events of the original Dead Rising. They also speculate that Capcom could be utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 for their endeavors, and that the game might include four-player cooperative play.

If any of that is true it sounds mildly ambitious.

The game is also rumored to make an appearance on Windows 10, which is the perfect anti-PC gaming advertisement given that so far the UWP titles have not been optimized very well for PC and have even been downgraded to the point where they run worse than they do on the Xbox One, such as Quantum Break.

A release of Dead Rising 4 on Steam will at least guarantee sales and that gamers will be able to find some enjoyment in the title. Forcing people to get the game through the Windows 10 app store is like making people pay to watch crappy reality shows on network television.

I mean, yeah, some people do it but that doesn’t make it right.

Anyway, if any of this holds any truth whatsoever we’ll find out soon enough next week during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. For now, I would suggest taking all of this with an extra grain of salt because it apparently originated from NeoGaffers.

A four-player cooperative Dead Rising does sound fun, though, and having Frank West back as the main protagonist seems like a game trying to get back to its roots while exploring some new options. We’ll see how this all turns out at E3.

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