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Deadstick, Plane Simulator Set To Release Q4 2018

By the end of 2018 gamers who enjoy taking to the high skies should find solace in The Irregular Corporation and REMEX Software’s Deadstick – Bush Flight Simulator. No autopilot, no de-icing systems, little navigation aids and limited instruments will be the very things to test your piloting skills in this simulator.

If you’re hard up for flight simulators, plane games that strive to be realistic or challenging sims in general, then Deadstick is a game you should have on your radar. Sure, the title is slated to release by the end part of this year or Q4 2018, but it seems to be coming together quite well.

If you’re wondering what Deadstick has to offer gameplay and mechanic wise, expect “accurate flight models” including advanced effects, prop wash, torque, P-factor and more. Other features consist of advanced persistent wear and tear, dynamic damage/part failure, challenging weather conditions, fully rendered environment effects including atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds, and fog.

A simple and basic announcement trailer showing off in-engine footage of Deadstick lies below.

If the trailer is a bit vague for you, the official description might offer a bit more insight on what to expect from this game:

“Become a true stick and rudder pilot and master the backcountry in Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator. With no autopilot, no de-icing systems, little navigation aids and limited instruments, do you have what it takes to become the ultimate bush pilot?”

Moreover, the actual game itself looks pretty nice, as seen below.

Dead Stick 2

Dead Stick 3

Sadly, the game will be joining the growing list of Early Access titles, which means that when it makes its debut later this year, it will be in testing with the help of gamers and other community members.

Lastly, Deadstick is said, according to the devs, to have an Early Access run between three to six months. In other words, the official game should come to fruition sometime during the mid-to-late-part of 2019.

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