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1434510cookie-checkDeath Stranding Trailer Stars Guillermo Del Toro And Mads Mikkelsen

Death Stranding Trailer Stars Guillermo Del Toro And Mads Mikkelsen

Seems like Mads Mikkelsen is making waves on the small screen, the big screen and the digital screen. These days the actor can be found making his way across the acting landscape with a transmedia attitude toward ascending his craft. This becomes so very evident in the fact that he’s lent his likeness to Hideo Kojima’s upcoming project, Death Stranding.

The fascinating new game will star Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and famed Hollywood director, Guillermo del Toro. We were introduced to the latter two during Geoff Keighley’s 2016 Game Awards to round out the year and show a bit of love and appreciation to some of the best and brightest game developers in the business.

You can check out the four and a half minute trailer below, courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames.

The trailer is pretty weird. We see Guillermo del Toro’s character running around with a baby in a tube. The pudgy director appears to be a man of some importance.

He has scribblings on his forehead that are just faded enough so that you can’t actually make out what they say, but it looks like it’s some sort of foreign language.

Death Stranding - Guillermo Del Toro

The baby in the tube swivels around and gives a good wink to the audience; a trademark Kojima nod.

The cinematic gets a lot darker, though. Mads Mikkelsen steps into the scene with tentacle tar powers. The esteemed actor appears to be able to add and remove clothing at will, including making a helmet disappear using the tar tentacles.

Death Stranding - Mads Mikkelsen

The same oily residue that was present in the trailer starring Norman Reedus appears with Mikkelsen as well. There were also some dead crabs at the beginning of the trailer. It’s all very symbolic and difficult to decipher but interesting nonetheless.

The game is supposed to be on the line of Uncharted or The Division, per Kojima’s description. I have no idea how this all wraps up into a cohesive experience but I’m sure we’ll find out more as the game moves along through development. But nevertheless, the rumors about Mads Mikkelsen coming into the studio to do some work on Kojima Productions’ mysterious new title have turned out to be true. So score one for the rumor mongers.

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