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1427060cookie-checkDeath’s Gambit PS4 Gameplay Video Shows Dark Souls-Style Combat

Death’s Gambit PS4 Gameplay Video Shows Dark Souls-Style Combat

Death’s Gambit is prepping for release next year and the developers from White Rabbit unleashed 17 minutes worth of gameplay.

The gameplay looks slick. Death’s Gambit will be available on both PC and PS4, and they reveal that the game’s main quest is to remove the aura of immortality looming over a land that Death wants to destroy. Death takes a gambit on the player-character to finally remove the immortality aura from the land. You can check out the gameplay footage below.

The lore sounds a heck of a lot like Chakan: The Forever Man, but the combat is similar to a side-scrolling Dark Souls. Players will have to pay close attention to the animations of enemies in order to defeat them.

We see how the tactics of the combat changes for each of the main bosses. One of the cool things about the game is that the game will reward players just for trying. The better you do the more experience you get, which carries over after each death.

The game is not a hand-holding experience. Players will have to learn the patterns, alternate attacks and then kick butt and take names.

The game reminds me a lot of Salt and Sanctuary, but it has a more retro vibe to its design as opposed to the more modern flash art of Salt and Sanctuary.

The animations look solid enough, and there’s enough distinction in the way that the characters move to help make it feel like an authentic experience. They mention on the PlayStation Underground piece that the animations were actually the hardest thing to get done for the game, but they came out looking great, so they’re at least on the right path.

They didn’t hammer out a specific release date but it’s set to come out on the PC and PS4 at some point in 2017.

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