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Deep Freeze Adds Patricia Hernandez, Brian Crecente Entries To Database

Deep Freeze was recently updated to add multiple entries under multiple categories for three video game journalists, including Laura Kate Dale, a former writer for the U.K. branch of Destructoid, Brian Crecente, the founding editor at Polygon, and Patricia Hernandez, a contributing writer to Kotaku.

The updates were fully disclosed and transparent for everyone to see over on Kotaku in Action, the meeting board and containment sub-Reddit for all things dealing with #GamerGate and Social Justice Warrior discussions. There’s also a list of these updates over on the home page.

The list contains a number of different categories for which these journalists have committed infractions that the community feel deserve to be brought to the attention of the wider public. Some of these includes Laura Kate Dale and Jim Sterling intimidating developers into changing their games to suit certain sociopolitical standards. One of the more heinous acts by Dale included dishonesty and aggravated instigation against a presenter, making claims about the presenter that were later changed and modified following various publications picking up the tweets and running stories, including Kotaku. Deep Freeze details this specific event over on Laura Kate Dale’s Deep Freeze page.

Patricia Hernandez has a list of entries under cronyism, mostly for promoting the products and articles of friends without properly disclosing that they were friends. There are four and a half counts of cronyism added to Hernandez’ profile.

There’s also a couple of entries for Polygon’s founding editor, Brian Crecente, following the most recent kerfuffle where Crecente promoted the Games For Change events and organization without disclosing that he was a voluntary member on the advisory board. After a couple of weeks of having the lack of disclosures brought to his attention, Crecente then opted to make mention of it in his two articles on Polygon detailing the Games For Change events.

Deep Freeze also has some additional trivia added to Crecente’s profile for those of you interested in it. You can learn more about the website and its purpose of cataloging the corruption, conflicts of interest and dishonesty activity from video game journalists by visiting

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