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1416980cookie-checkDemoncyber Trailer Features First-Person Cyberpunk Role-Playing

Demoncyber Trailer Features First-Person Cyberpunk Role-Playing

Kemsyn Games is working on a new title called Demoncyber. It’s a cyberpunk, RPG where you can walk around and loot things and beat people up, while also partaking in first-person, turn-based combat.

The prototype gameplay trailer released ahead of the game appearing on Steam’s Greenlight service and later on Kickstarter. You can see the two minute trailer in action below.

The soundtrack will be retrowave inspired, with some classic 1980s-style synth tunes to flesh out the audible atmosphere.

Based on the trailer I can readily say that the art and animations for everything outside the combat still needs a lot of work, but the conceptual themes are pretty cool. The walking animations, and overworld interactions lack polish, but I’m pretty sure the Kickstarter is being put together to help cover asset management and improving the overall production quality of the game.

Nevertheless, being able to walk around and loot things in public is a little bit different from most typical cyberpunk titles, and the turn-based combat is a very interesting choice. Shadowrun Returns from Harebrained Schemes also utilizes turn-based combat but does so in a grid-based, isometric plane. In this case the combat is mirrored after the old CRPG dungeon crawlers from back in the day.

I have no idea what the story is behind Demoncyber or what it is players are doing, but based on the short gameplay trailer it appears as if players will have a partner in crime. Whether or not a full party will be present remains to be seen.

The trailer doesn’t roll out any specific date on when the Kickstarter and Greenlight pages will go live, but it states that it’s happening soon. So keep an eye out. You can follow Kemsyn Games via Twitter to stay abreast on updates regarding Demoncyber if you’re interested in the title.

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