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Deputy Dangle Dangles His Way Onto The Steam Store

It’s been several years in the making but Chashu Entertainment’s Deputy Dangle has officially launched on Steam. The physics-based adventure problem-solving game has been made available for the moderate price of $19.99.

During the first week of being on sale you can get the game for $16.99, 15% off from the normal price. The game sees players taking on the role of Deputy Dangle in Dangletown, helping people from burning buildings, sliding through sewers and arresting criminals… using the power of a physics-based body.

Check out the trailer below to see the ridiculous antics that are at your disposal in Deputy Dangle.

So if you’re familiar with games like Mount Your Friends or Octodad, you’ll be right at home with Deputy Dangle. The different face buttons on the controller manipulate the body parts of the Deputy, making him move and wiggle around as you attempt to complete the assigned objectives.

It’s a pretty ridiculous game designed to appeal to those who just want to have a good time.

What’s more is that there’s actually a story and a plot to unravel as you complete missions and help the citizens of Dangletown.

You even get a few gadgets to use, such as the plunger gun to grapple around town like Batman. The reviews on hand for now all appear to have received free product keys but I imagine more honest reviews will be landing on the Steam store soon enough so you can get a proper gauge of how the game is played.

The developers had a rough go of it a few years back as they attempted to get the game finished through crowd-funding. They had some rough patches with accruing funds but they did manage to get it Greenlit for Steam with ease. After a bit of radio silence they managed to re-emerge and launch the title on Steam.

You can learn more by hitting up the Steam store or by visiting the official website.

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