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Destiny: Getting The Taken Armor, Ship, Sword, Shotgun And Ghost

We already know that Bungie released the April update for Destiny that brought some new stuff, and buffed some year one gear as well. However, if you are looking to get the Desolate armor, the Dreadfang, the Waning Star, the Kingslayer or Consumed Ghost Shell and the Stolen Will shotgun, you will be able to find them all in this guide, as it teaches you how to acquire the items.

If you want to look like you are part of the Taken (but not abducted) you will need to follow a few steps until the full set is at your fingertips. To get the Taken armor, you will need to get some Sterling Treasures. These can be obtained weekly by the Postmaster, while some say that they got them through Eververse — but the first is more stable.

Moreover, this method with previewing Sterling Treasures will apply to a lot of Taken items. Upon previewing an item you will see on the left is Guaranteed items, while the right shows Possible items. As the names suggest, you will either get it with a common chance according to the left, or you will have to deal with RNG on the right. You can view EvadeDestiny‘s video on how to get the Desolate or Taken armor — Note: there is a mishap in the video with the Guaranteed noted to be on the right.

If you want the Taken Sword or the Dreadfang, you will need to take up the quest At The Gates by Variks. You can get this quest at the very beginning of the April update, which I’m sure you will see when you talk to him. After receiving the quest, head to the Dreadnaught and do the mission Pretender To The Throne. The next step to the quest is They Can Run. You will need to search for randomly generated quest items called Echoes of Malok, which you will need 20 out of 20.

To find these Echoes of Malok, which aren’t shared on pickups by teammates, you will need to go where Taken enemies spawn. After getting the required amount, go to Eris Morn to start the Blighted Chalice mission. After completing this mission, go back to Variks and he will award you with the Dreadfang. You can view KackisHD video on how to get the Taken Sword.

There are different Strikes where you can get the stolen Will from, which some say you can get through the Heroic Strike playlist, or through the Taken Winter Run Strike. It may only take you one run or more to obtain the Stolen Will or the Taken Shotgun. To visually see this, you can watch Unknown Player get the shotgun during the Taken Winter Run.

The Waning Star or the Taken ship can be obtained by Sterling Treasures. These can be gotten weekly by the Postmaster, while other ways to obtaining them is through end game activities. Once a Sterling Treasure is in your possession, as noted above, left items are Guaranteed, while the right shows Possible items — which the Waning Star is a Possible item. You can see this below, courtesy of EvadeDestiny.

Those that want the Kingslayer Raid Ghost Shell or the Consumed Shell from the Prison of Elders, two video guides will help you in doing so. Both are affected by RNG, which will make the process a breeze or very tedious. The former can be found by doing the Kingslayer Raid, while the latter can be done through the Prison of Elders challenge. The first video comes in by Wizzite, while the last video is by Corporate Slackr.

Like most MMOs or RPGs, there will be different ways to obtain a specific item in Destiny that may not be noted in any of the videos above. It’s also worth noting that RNG will play a huge part in this if you want a certain item. So be prepared to run these missions multiple times.

The April update is available right now, adding brand new ways to acquire high-level gear and an increase in Light level to 335.

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