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Diablo IV Reported To Have Microtransactions And Expansions

A new report has surfaced, highlighting a conversation between a streamer and Diablo IV lead designer Joe Shely. In other words, not only will the upcoming RPG call for you to always be online, but it sounds like microtransactions and expansions are tacked on for maximum profits. 

While the PC, PS4, and Xbox One iterations of Diablo IV take shape as we speak, don’t be shocked if the devs are making progress on a next-gen version so that the RPG in question can roll out next year or so to match up with its other counterparts.

On the topic of progress, folks looking to play through the forthcoming title might encounter all sorts of paid content in the triple-A game that will likely go for $59.99 at launch. This means the option of buying cosmetics and other expansions will certainly be a thing.

I say all of this because IGN ( has a report on Twitch streamer Quin69 speaking with Shely on Diablo IV’s monetization structure, and it doesn’t sound rosy at all.

Here’s a section of Shely’s response to Quin69 on expansions:

“Diablo 4 will be available as a base game, and… we’re going to have expansions. You also will be able to acquire cosmetics in the game.”

IGN also offers some insight on microtransactions, seasonal content, and expansions by relaying the following information:

“While Shely says it is early days, it appears there will be some kind of cosmetic microtransaction system in Diablo 4. That’s on top of seasonal content and expansions, as Shely revealed earlier in the conversation.


Shely also touched on the auction system in Diablo 4. Shely says that the main way players will get loot in Diablo 4 will be by killing monsters, the developers are looking into some sort of auction function. So far the developers seem to be considering a tiered system where some items can be tradeable, while others are locked.”

To summarize all of this, you will need to be online always if you want to play Diablo IV. Also, expansions, seasonal content, microtransactions, and an auction system will be in the paid game.

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