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Dishonored 2 Book Of Karnaca Trailer Released

Arkane Studios and Bethesda rolled out the latest trailer for Dishonored 2. The trailer starts with a cool pop-up storybook style presentation, covering a lot of the game’s lore from the original Dishonored leading up to the story of Dishonored 2 involving both Emily and Corvo.

There’s a mechanical element to the diorama set-pieces, mirrored after the way the Game of Thrones intro is made. You can check out the quick two minute video trailer below.

They explain that the things that took place in Dunwall have had an effect on the way the thing have evolved in Karnaca, including the use of some clockwork-style robots that guard (and oppress) the city.

The comment section was less thrilled with the trailer and more appalled at the voice actor for the character The Outsider. They felt as if he “hadn’t hit puberty” yet. It reminds me of the complaints about Eidos attempting to replace David Bateson in Hitman: Absolution and fans threw an absolute fit over it. It’s understandable given that Bateson really helps bring the Hitman to life and has such a distinct voice that deadpans Agent 47’s succinct and pragmatic lines. It’s one of the rare times where a voice actor really does play a large role in the characterization of a video game.

Anyway, the trailer wraps up by depicting Delilah as a villainous antagonist, and charging players with the question of being either the savior or destroyer of Karnaca depending on their actions.

Dishonored 2 recently went gold for PC, Xbox One and PS4, so it’s primed and ready to launch next week on November 11th.

It’ll be facing some stiff market competition in the form of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the lingering force of Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, the latter of which has suffered from cannibalization at the hands of the former. But we’ll see how well Bethesda and Arkane make out with their alternative history stealth title when it launches next week.

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