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1425130cookie-checkDog Duty Brings Classic 2 Man Army Buddy-Up Action To Greenlight

Dog Duty Brings Classic 2 Man Army Buddy-Up Action To Greenlight

Mowing down an army of soldiers is nothing new, especially in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Well, that classic beauty is once again back in the form of Dog Duty. The indie Steam Greenlight game, by Hugo Vaz and Zimbres, sees players controlling a small team of misfits in real time trying to stop the evil Octopus Commander Army.

Known as Dog Duty, the game reflects that of films like Commando and other classic action movies, as well as older arcade games like the top-down shoot’em up MERCS. Dog Duty, however, uses the old classic point and click, or cursor system to commence the heavy duty action.

From what was shown of the game I’m quite impressed with what seems to be a two man job. The game mixes top-down camera perspectives with other camera angles when the going gets tough. Another thing that’s cool is that there are multiple vehicles in the game that range from four wheel jeeps, trucks and boats — and maybe more.

Looking over to the story, folks are sent to dismantle the evil island of Octopus that is controlled by the Octopus Commander Army. Taking control of a band of misfits, players are tasked going in front loaded to stop this evil group.

You can catch the official trailer below that is up on Hugo Vanz channel, which runs for two minutes and 15 seconds.

I can imagine that after playing the game for a while and hearing the constant response from the characters being told to do something would get a little annoying; but, that’s something that could easily be fixed.

Moreover, the game is said to feature looting hardware, rescue missions and “unique skills”. If that sounds interesting and fun, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to vote for Dog Duty. If you want to learn more about the devs and the game, you can hit up

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