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1544541cookie-checkDolmen Fails To Hit Kickstarter Goal, Moves Over To Crytivo For Crowdfunding

Dolmen Fails To Hit Kickstarter Goal, Moves Over To Crytivo For Crowdfunding

Massive Work Studio’s Dolmen is a sci-fi, third-person action game set in a dangerous world filled with H.R. Geiger and Lovecraftian inspired horrors that players have to fight, maim and kill in order to survive. The game was originally being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, but things didn’t quite go over as well as they had hoped, and it failed.

However, the developers decided to keep moving forward and crowdfund the game through Crytivo, an independent service where you can buy into the project ahead of its release.

This seems to be the sort of route many games take when they initially fail the Kickstarter. Some games go back and try again, but in the case of Dolmen the game only managed to get halfway to its goal. The Kickstarter page reveals that over the course of the month, they only managed $42,000 with a goal of $90,000.

Only 925 backers put anything into the project. You can get a glimpse of what Massive Work Studios was working on with the video below.

The pitch for the game is that it’s a third-person horror-survival title. Players will end up on a hostile and dangerous planet, attempting to find ways off of it by repairing their ship and scavenging for supplies. There are a variety of enemies that players will encounter along the way, which will require a mixture of both melee and long-range combat.

Unlike other Soulsborne games out there, Dolmen isn’t set in a medieval universe, but is instead set within a sci-fi realm where players will have to use melee weapons to fend off enemies that get too close, but rely mostly on assault weapons and long range projectiles in order to defeat more dangerous foes.

The concept seems to borrow from a number of other third-person action titles out there, including the Dead Space series.

If you’re interested in seeing Dolmen become a reality, you can help the game succeed in funding by visiting the Cryptivo page.

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