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Don’t Disturb: Asian Folklore Adventure Game Comes To Greenlight

From the moment I saw Don’t Disturb I thought it looked like a 2D version of Okami, and that probably isn’t surprising since both games are playing on the theme of Asian folklore tales.

I mean, who doesn’t love a tale about a lost lonely puppy trying to find its way back to its human?

Don’t Disturb is produced by PQube Games and follows the traditional Asian folklore tale about the grieving period after a loved one passes away. The official description tells us that in Asian folklore, it was said that when there is a funeral taking place you are supposed to follow a few rules. Don’t sing, don’t play, and most importantly- Don’t Disturb.

You play as the dog in search of its owner after they have passed away, leaving the poor little dog alone in the world. This journey will take you across several different locations as you journey to the “Bridge Of Helplessness”. I’m not entirely sure what that bridge is, but it sounds ominous. Perhaps a gateway to the afterlife?

The little dog will need to solve a variety of different puzzles while on its journey to help it progress forward, investigate items from the other world, and talk with the people from the underworld to learn new tales and complete different tasks.

The graphics looks like the game came straight out of a watercolor painting, which gives it a really cool, unique style as if you are playing a scene from a moving folklore story book. The developers released a gameplay trailer for Don’t Disturb to showcase its graphics and story, so I linked the video down below for you to see what the game is like.

Don’t Disturb is currently on Steam Greenlight looking to gain votes to become an official Steam game. The launch date is scheduled for a Quarter 3 release, so for those that are interested, you won’t have to wait very long to see Don’t Disturb on the store page.

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