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Downward, Parkour Game To Release On PC Next Week

A while back we covered a game by indie developers Caracal Games. Back in 2015 the game faced a failed Kickstarter campaign and the devs were silent for a long time about the project. After passing through Greenlight sometime back the devs are set to release their post-apocalyptic, first-person parkour game, Downward, on Steam Early Access next week.

Honestly, I was really looking forward to Downward. It was a great indie alternative to other indie post-apocalyptic games coming out at the time, which mainly focused on zombies and survival elements — not that the latter has changed much. The alternative that the game Downward was trying to bring was a Mirror’s Edge running style game mixed with medieval Sci-Fi elements.

If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation regarding Downward’s story and gameplay the official description sits below.

“Downward is a first-person open-world parkour adventure set in the medieval ruins of a post-apocalyptic Planet Earth. You must master body, mind, and spirit — for agility, precision, and determination are the only tools that will help you make sense of this world and change your fate…”

In the realm of Downward most of the living have perished, but the world doesn’t rest in quiet peace. Dark enemies will rise from their slumber to end your journey. To avoid an ill fate you must learn the arts of parkour, new abilities by leveling up, and using gravity distortion to change weather patterns and various elements to summon great wonders.

The new teaser trailer reveals graphical improvements, enemies and much more thanks to IndieGala‘s YouTube channel.

I hope the game will be decent on release seeing how the devs had some original and good intentions going into Downward from the start. But, the only way to find out is to wait for the first-person parkour game to release this December on the 19th. For more information on Downward you can head on over to the team’s newly revamped website.

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