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1426170cookie-checkDragon Bros Set To Hit Steam Early Access On September 16th

Dragon Bros Set To Hit Steam Early Access On September 16th

I know, yet another pixel 2D shooter game that wants to be retro. However, if you enjoy small indie projects that consist of 2D platforming, co-op play and senseless shooting, I think Dragon Bros might be a game worth checking out. Space Lizard Studio’s Dragon Bros is set to hit Steam Early Access on September 16th.

Those who recall this very project running through Steam Greenlight have some pretty good memory. After the small project took to the messy Greenlight platform it passed through with ease — after being on Greenlight for a few days.

If you don’t know what this game is about, you as the player will take control of two Dragon Bros in search of their mom, who was stolen by robots named Mechaliches. Like most 2D games that are channeling the retro atmosphere, explosives and automatic weapons are very prominent and are a key essential to getting your dragon-mom back.

“Robots are everywhere, destroying the place you used to call home! The only cure for this terrible mess is to wipe out those cranky machines with bullets and big explosions! Play as a young dragon in this 2D retro run & gun adventure in co-op or solo. Free your Dragon-mom from the evil Mechaliches!”

Something I think that should be fixed is the life bars and UI surrounding the HUD. It looks quite cheap to be honest, and could stand to use a bit more polish in that area.

Moreover, those who are excited to play the game that’s about to release in just five days can hold themselves over by watching the official video trailer, and some gameplay by Cryptic Hybrid, below.

If you are excited about Dragon Bros you can check out the game over on Steam Early Access, or you can hit up the devs official website to learn more about the 2D shoot ’em up game.

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