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1429260cookie-checkDragon Quest Builders Is Now Available In The West For PS4 And PS Vita

Dragon Quest Builders Is Now Available In The West For PS4 And PS Vita

Western fans who want more Dragon Quest on home consoles — but seek a Minecraft spin on the DQ universe — Square Enix has you covered with Dragon Quest Builders. The block building version of Dragon Quest already debuted in Japan back on January 28th, and is now playable in the West across PS4 and the PS Vita.

If you like Dragon Quest but seek another battle system not like the classic take turn, or the Musou style one, there’s another alternate version to the series with a Minecraft spin on the game’s mechanics. Additionally, players will be able to fight familiar enemies with swords and spears, but with block building functions.

Something that will be present in Dragon Quest Builders is a story. Instead of mindlessly building stuff in the game, there will be a story that you will be able to participate in, or skip. You can either hunt down the evil Dragonlord and complete the game’s story, or you can build stuff for fun. But beware, if the Dragonlord is still present he will send minions to destroy your creations and towns.

Moreover, I should explain that the game contains resources and materials that are scattered around the world. Each item or material can be found by traveling around the land, killing enemies, taking up quests and digging around. These resources will then allow you to create specific items and equipment, so that you can either defend your creations or go on the offense.

If you are curious about Dragon Quest Builders and want to see the game in action, along with cutscenes, you can check out the newly posted launch trailer that PlayStation just posted.

Dragon Quest Builders also contains RPG elements, too. This means that if you like character upgrades and weapons/armor stat progression you’ll be able to craft and alter them with your mighty mallet.

Dragon Quest Builders is out now for PS4 and PS Vita. For more info on this title you can hit up

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