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1426000cookie-checkDual Universe Sci-Fi MMO Kickstarter Blasts Off With An Amazing Start

Dual Universe Sci-Fi MMO Kickstarter Blasts Off With An Amazing Start

Novaquark’s Dual Universe Kickstarter didn’t just take off, it blasted off. The game landed on the crowd-funding platform with the kind of thud one might expect from the Hulk smashing into the ground from the stratosphere. Over the course of a day they manage to accrue $211,000 for their Dual Universe Kickstarter campaign, and they’re already nearing the half-way mark to $557,818 with 31 days to go.

Dual Universe is an MMO that sees players all bundled into one massive, customizable shard. The object of the game centers around building, exploring and expanding the universe. Sounds ambitious, eh? Well, it is.

Much like Minecraft and other emergent crafting-survival titles, players will be able to collect resources, build structures, build spacecraft and even build space stations. Still sounds too good to be true? Well, they have an actual trailer for you to check out to give you an idea of what they hope to accomplish.

The space station bit always gets to me because it’s just so impressive. The short demonstration from a while back where they fly up to the station and walk around just really left my jaw on the floor. It’s a great showcase of what I wish Space Engineers had turned out to be. Unfortunately, optimization is the biggest hurdle that Keen Software House faces with their space survival game.

In the case of Dual Universe, the technology looks impressive and the goals seem pretty cool. They already have three years worth of work put into the game and they want to use Kickstarter to finish off the project and get it up and out by early 2017. Whether or not they can execute on that plan remains to be seen, but more than 2.3 thousand people (so far) already believe that Novaquark will deliver, so it looks like they’re well on their way.

Dual Universe

If you like what Dual Universe has to offer and you want a game where you venture around the galaxy, crafting and making your own structures, vehicles and massive space stations, you can check out the Kickstarter page for the game for more info.

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