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Dungeon Souls: Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Basics

Are you looking for a basic guide that covers all of the starter stuff for Dungeon Souls? If so, this guide will go over the procedurally generated game’s content that includes stats, classes, traps and more. 

Developers Lamina and Mike Studios along with publisher Black Shell Media have a roguelike dungeon crawler that just received an update entitled version 1.0.1. Seeing how there are new players picking up the game after the update, if you are new and are looking for a guide you’ll learn all the basics that go into Dungeon Souls below…

“Dungeon Souls is an action-adventure roguelike dungeon crawler which draws heavy inspiration from Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain, and Overture. Explore vast procedurally generated dungeons, collect loot, and slay hordes of challenging enemies!”

For a more in-depth look at the game’s core features you can head on over to Steam to read a guide by HackedNightmare. Moreover the abbreviations listed in the game are as followed:

  • ATK = Attack
  • DMG = Damage
  • DEF = Defense
  • SPD = Speed
  • MAG = Magic
  • RES = Resistance
  • HP = Hit Points/Health Points
  • ACC = Accuracy

Next up are the classes in the game:

  • Barbarians: Come equipped with an axe with the skills Axe swing, Shout of Rage, and Thunder Axe. This class excels in ATK and HP making the Barbarian ideal for close combat.
  • Thieves: Come equipped with daggers and hone the skills Dagger Throw, Thief Bomb, and Invisibility. This class is suited best for quick long range attacks seeing how it has high SPD and ACC.
  • Archers: Come equipped with a bow and arrow and contain the abilities Arrow Shoot, Pentuple Arrows, and Rain of Arrows. This class is good at ACC and ATK, and is ideal for long range.
  • Warriors: Come equipped with a great sword that holds the skills Sword Slash, Multi Cleave, and Mega Sword. This class holds a lot of DEF, ATK and HP making them ideal for quite a bit of situations.
  • Wizards: Come equipped with a magical staff that conjures up spells like Fireball, Hell of Fire, and Duplicate. The Wizard class excels at RES and MAG. Although this class is weak it can deal with clusters with ease.
  • Clerics: Come equipped with a mace that features the skills Holy Light, Holy Gate, and Regeneration. The Cleric is good for mid-to-long range battles and has a lot of RES, MAG and ACC.
  • Necromancers: Can utilize the skills Necrotic Blast, Blood for Attack, and Summon. This class mainly shines in ACC and MAG. Though weak like other casters, this class can be good at a variety of ranges.

I should note that each class has another stage to their appearance and skills when reaching a specific rank. This rank includes “rank 5” and allows for players to become an upgraded version of their existing class.

The last thing to go over is the traps in the game. The first trap is a four-way arrow spring trap that is easy to dodge when activated. The second trap in a lantern that shoots three projectiles, the trap can be destroyed in two or three hits. After killing the Skeleton King you will come across a moving floor trap with spikes on it, the trap itself is more annoying than harmful. The boulder trap can be avoided by looking out for red signs, which are found through various stages. The last trap is a four-way fire spitting floor trap, much like the arrow trap.

You can watch a video by The Nerd of LPs showing gameplay of Dungeon Souls.

Dungeon Souls is available for $12.99 over on Steam and GOG. For more information on this game or the guide provided above you can hit up HackedNightmare guide page.

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