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1429270cookie-checkDystoria Will Hit PC Via Steam Early Access On October 25th

Dystoria Will Hit PC Via Steam Early Access On October 25th

Dystoria was once on Steam Greenlight and passed the voting segment on the platform some time back. As of recent, the devs released a new trailer revealing that the game will be playable later this month. The zero-gravity six-axis space shooter, Dystoria, will release on Steam Early Access on October 25th.

The indie project wants to take players on a 1980’s arcade retro trip when it releases later this month. Ahead of the release, developers Tri-Coastal Games released a new video that shows Dystoria’s six-axis gameplay, visuals and sythwave soundtrack ahead of the game’s release.

“Master the art of six-axis piloting as you blast your way through a mind-bending space labyrinth to a hypnotic synthwave soundtrack and retrofuturistic style.”

In Dystoria, players assume the role of a hover ship that surfs across the face of neon colorful vertices to clear a stage. As players navigate each sector they will find complex structures that change orientation on every turn. Each stage can be explored by taking different paths, this will either lead you down the right path quicker, or into enemy fire.

Shooting will be essential in traversing the neon space. Enemies will try to obliterate you if you take the wrong route; adversaries can be avoided by taking another path or shooting them down with your space lasers.

Furthermore, the game wouldn’t really feel like an arcade shooter if it didn’t sport collectibles, right? Throughout stages there are orbs that you can pick up, although I’m not sure what they really do, but if you like collecting things there’s something for you to hunt down.

Anyways, Dystoria is set to release two weeks from now for PC, which will be on October 25th. You can watch the new Steam Early Access trailer for Dystoria below.

If this game seems interesting or fun to you, additional information on the devs latest project can be found by visiting Dystoria‘s main website.

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