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1415830cookie-checkE3 2016: Days Gone Is Like Sons Of Anarchy Meets Last Of Us

E3 2016: Days Gone Is Like Sons Of Anarchy Meets Last Of Us

Take one part World War Z, one part The Last of Us and three parts Sons of Anarchy and you’ve got yourself Bend Studio’s Days Gone, a post-apocalyptic survival game about the love, the loss and the survival tactics employed by a biker gang in the upper northwest of the good ‘ole U.S., of A.

The game has been in development for the past couple of years and seems to be a mixture of State of Decay and The Last of Us as far as gameplay is concerned.

Players will be thrust into a open-world sandbox where they can experiment and progress through the game using a lot of their own wits and survival tactics as opposed to following a preset, scripted rail when it comes to completing missions. You can check out the game’s Last of Us-esque trailer below.

I have to say: I love it.

It seems like there haven’t been any straight-up action games where you just play a tough guy with some great guns and melee weapons in an open-world where everything is trying to kill you. There’s always some sort of gimmick or theme or other contextual layer to remove agency from the player, or control, or violence, or freedom from the equation. In this case, Bend Studio took the State of Decay formula and decided to increase the polish, add some story layers players might care about and let them ride a badass motorcycle through the great arid plains of the northwest. No complaints here.

While a lot of people are fond of jerking off to the greatness of The Last of Us, it wasn’t really the sort of game you just played for the sake of playing it. And while State of Decay something you could easily pick up and play, the major issue was that it wasn’t polished all that well, and the zombies were mostly idiots.


In the case of Dead Rising 3, the game definitely had a lot of zombies and a large sandbox to play around in, the major problem with that game was that you couldn’t really drive very far or explore all that much. It was a rather locked down sandbox experience compared to State of Decay.

In the case of Days Gone, this game is like an actual game centered around the GTA IV zombie apocalypse mod, and I’m all for that. I also love the way the zombies spill out of areas and just clamber over each other as they desperately try to eat the player and anything else in their case. It reminds me of the way the zombies were in the movie World War Z.

Also, this guy looks a heck of a lot like Tommy Lee Jones and Sam Witwer fused together.


Story wise, players will take on the role of a biker member trying to scavenge, fight and find reasons to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. He’s a tough son of a gun and gamers who have been itching to get back to playing tough guys can finally do so in this game. No more of that politically correct nonsense where they’ve been trying to emasculate action heroes in games.

Thank you, Bend Studio!


The developers described it as an open-world game where players are thrust into a sandbox where they can problem solve their way out of a tight situation. The game sports a full-on day and night system, weather that can affect the handling of vehicles, as well as crafting, and additional dangers during the night time.

There’s no release date on Days Gone, but it will be coming at some point to the PlayStation 4. You can check out the six minute gameplay demo from the Sony E3 press conference by checking out the video below, courtesy of YouTuber GolemDE.

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