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1415500cookie-checkE3 2016: For Honor Teaser Trailer Teases Viking Ravagers

E3 2016: For Honor Teaser Trailer Teases Viking Ravagers

We’re finally going to get a nice, juicy look at the Vikings in Ubisoft’s For Honor during this week’s E3 festivities. They’re likely going to be showcased and highlighted during the Ubisoft press conference (or at least they better be), to help get gamers geeked up for their reveal, Ubisoft sent out a very short and very tantalizing teaser that only clocks in at 20 seconds.

The trailer features a dark and stormy night (because how could it be epic if it were a bright and sunny day?) with wind-blown sails of a Viking ship coming to a rest as the wooden beast of the sea draws near the shores. The clip switches over to the bow’s figurehead, where the flaming eyes of a ram’s skull illuminates the night sky – chained wrapped horns and lanterns waving about adorn the ship’s massive front end.

The clip then proceeds to the shores being lined with pikes, ready and willing for the Vikings to disembark and for the water to run red with the blood of the unworthy.

You can check out the trailer below.

Id you look closely, fiery arrows arch through the sky toward the boundless sea – right in the direction of the oncoming Viking ship. You can also spot some castles in the distance. Clearly the architecture is reminiscent of that of the era of the Japanese Shogunite.

If what’s being teased in the trailer holds true to what we see at this year’s E3 during Ubisoft’s conference, then we’re in for a great big treat when those Vikings step off the boat and go head to head with the honor-bound Samurai.

As noted by Gamespot, Ubisoft’s press conference will commence on Monday at 1PM Pacific Standard Time. So that’s around 4PM Eastern.

Gamespot also notes that Ubisoft is specifically targeting this game to hardcore gamers – fans of the old Bushido Blade titles and Mount & Blade. They’re bypassing the casual market this time around, which means it’s likely, probably, possibly going to be a day-one buy for me.

For more info feel free to pay a visit to the official For Honor website. The game is set for release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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