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E3 2016: Friday The 13th Gameplay Video Sees Jason On A Killing Spree

I was very skeptical about Illfonic and Gun Media’s attempt to bring Friday The 13th: The Game to life for home consoles and PC, but it looks like they’ve actually managed to capture the essence and atmosphere of the movies, especially after seeing the new E3 gameplay footage.

More than four minutes of gameplay was put on display at this year’s E3, showcasing Jason Voorhees going on an absolute tear through the handful of camp counselors. He break’s one girl’s back across some uneven rocks, smashes another girl’s head into a wall, and impales a preppy guy for being a douche bag. You can check out the gameplay reveal below, courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames.

Jason manages to catch one counselor and after teleporting to her location, holds her in the air, walks over to the aforementioned rocks and then breaks her back with a curb stomp.

The second counselor is caught leaving the cabin; Jason grabs her by the neck, positions her against the wall and then repeatedly smashes her head into the wall until there’s nothing left but a bloody stain smeared across the panels.

The last counselor tries to outwit Jason by locking the cabin door, running to the radio and turning it on, opening the window and then hiding under the bed. It works for a little while, as Jason heads into the room to destroy the radio and then he sees the open window, which seems to indicate that the preppy douche bag escaped. However, Jason was wise to the machinations of the d-bag and found the guy hiding under the bed, so he proceeded to kill him by impaling he knife through the bed and the preppy guy.

Again, I have to admit that Illfonic did a great job in capturing the horror feel and tension of the counselors trying to survive. I don’t know how well this game will play out in real time, but so far I like the direction they’re headed in.

Right now it seems like whoever is playing as Jason will have the most fun, but maybe there are some benefits to playing as the weakling counselors as well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see more before making any snap judgments.

One of the things I like already is that even while Jason grabs the counselors, it’s possible to fight back and escape his grasp. That should definitely keep the action going back and forth between the players, and it should add plenty of tension to the gameplay.

You can learn more by visiting the official Friday The 13th: The Game website.

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