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1416110cookie-checkE3 2016: King of Fighters XIV Trailer Previews The Villains

E3 2016: King of Fighters XIV Trailer Previews The Villains

The one team that I’ve been curious about for a while now is Team Villains in King of Fighters XIV. There’s a new guy leading the team named Xanadu and he’s accompanied by long-time KoF regulars, Choi and Chang.

The trailer was posted up over on the PlayStation YouTube channel and it features two full minutes of gameplay for the three criminal pugilists. Check it out below.

As you can see, Chang and Xanadu are in prison outfits while Choi is sporting his Freddy Krueger getup.

The trio’s stage is located in what looks like the prison pit from The Dark Knight Rises. The video starts off showing the three fighters getting down and dirty with their combos before it separates them and begins to focus on their individual abilities.

It starts with Chang giving his former master, Kim, a good pounding in the corner using his giant ball. He proceeds to give Kim plenty of head… by headbutting him right up into the air. The clip with Chang finishes up by showing him unleash a powerful combo that includes him swinging around his ball and chain until he whacks his opponent out of view.

King of Fighters XIV Xanadu

Choi is standard fare with his claw attacks and fast rolling combos, but the real highlight of the video is Xanadu, a large, exotic looking villain with face paint, wild eyes, lots of jewelry and a prison outfit on.

His combos are insane. He wails on his opponents with completely outrageous attacks, and his super special is just crazy. I was curious to see what happens after he looks up into the light?

Xanadu does not have a fighting style that I find appealing at all, but he is easily one of the most unique and original characters on the King of Fighters XIV roster.

You can take control of Team Villains and all the other teams when King of Fighters XIV launches August 23rd for the PlayStation 4.

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