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1415880cookie-checkE3 2016: Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal And New Pokemon Revealed

E3 2016: Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal And New Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon fans around, and 2DS and 3DS folks too, can all enjoy some new but familiar mechanics in Pokemon Sun And Moon. The two new games will feature a new multi-battle system entitled “Battle Royal,” which also brings along exclusive Pokemon to both respective games. Sun and Moon are slated to come out November 18th and the 23rd for western fans.

Being a fan of the ongoing pocket monster capture game that follows both the manga and the anime, there are two new games in the series that follow the two colors, or themes, that are parallel to each other like Red and Blue — known as Sun and Moon. The trailer shows Pikipek, Yungoos, Grubbin and more. You can check out the minute and a half long video below, which comes in by the Official Pokemon Channel.

We also get to see the mythical Pokemon Magearna and its special moves. I’m sure most Poké maniacs will want to capture this one, which can be obtained by using the new QR Scanner function in both Sun and Moon with given QR Codes. Looking past the mythical Pokemon comes a new Battle mode that allows more than one trainer to be on the field. To get a better look at the newest Pokemon games, a 27 minute long video uploaded by XCageGame shows some of the stuff noted above and more.

If you didn’t sit through all of the video above it’s understandable, but to sum up the part that I find most interesting is the four way battles that pit different trainers against each other. This mode is called “Battle Royal” and is seen in the picture below.

Pokemon-Sun-Moon 5

Those who own a 2DS or 3DS will be able to play Pokemon Sun and Moon on November 18th for North America, and the 23rd for European fans.

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