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1415710cookie-checkE3 2016: Sea of Thieves releases Gameplay Reveal Trailer

E3 2016: Sea of Thieves releases Gameplay Reveal Trailer

You may have seen the cinematic teaser trailer, but today, developers Rare have released a small trailer at E3 2016, showing off some of the in game features in their new Sea Of Thieves Gameplay trailer.

Ironically, I’ve been in a pirate mood recently and I have been on the search for a good game to satiate the need to scream out “Arrr!” and sail the seven seas, which led me to finding games like Black Wake and the new indie reboot for Disney’s Pirates online called Legend Of Pirates Online.

Rare’s Sea Of Thieves is jumping on the pirate bandwagon to deliver similar high sea action content, but I must say, it all looks rather fun! Sea Of Thieves has vibrant and crisp cartoon graphics, and is a first person online adventure game where you team up with your friends to man your own pirate ship in search of great treasures and rare loot.

The below gameplay trailer also showcases what battles will look like, manning the cannons, lowering the sails, steering the boat, repairing the boat, and of course the inevitable, sinking of the boat. Rare let a few Let’s Players team up together to test the game out on three different pirate ships, and then put the footage together in a short two and a half minute long trailer. Take a look at the official Xbox gameplay reveal trailer that I linked down below.

Unlike the other two pirate games I named at the top of the article, Sea Of Thieves so far looks a bit more polished around the edges in terms of functional gameplay. However, they are a bigger gaming company, so they have the money to edit the clips together to make the game look polished, fun and amazing, while hiding all the dirt under the rug, so we’ll see what it is really like when they release more gameplay footage.

Sea Of Thieves still has a bit of ways to go before it officially launches and it doesn’t seem to have an exact release date planned just yet, but it will be an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title when it finally hits stores. For more information you can head on over to the official Sea Of Thieves website for further details and announcements.

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