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1453540cookie-checkE3 2017: Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Features Link Amiibo Support, Motion Controls

E3 2017: Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Features Link Amiibo Support, Motion Controls

One of the things I absolutely did not expect to see during Bethesda’s E3 press conference was anything related to the Nintendo Switch. It seemed like something the company had long forgotten about leading up to their E3 after they initially showcased Skyrim for the Switch and then went silent for it for a long time.

During E3 they released the latest trailer for Skyrim: Switch, this time revealing that the game will be played using Nintendo’s HD rumble enabled motion controls. Players will be able to sword and board their way through battles by blocking with the left Joy-Con and attacking and swinging with the right Joy-Con. It looks pretty intuitive from the trailer, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see any real-time demonstrations of the game in action on-stage. You can check out the trailer below.

Obviously the most startling thing that took the crowd by surprise was the introduction of using Nintendo’s Amiibo to unlock new gear inside of Skyrim: Switch. In the case of the trailer above, they demonstrated using the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Amiibo on the Switch system and it unlocked a treasure chest in Skyrim that contained Link’s garb, the restored Master Sword and the Hyrule Champion’s Shield from Breath of the Wild.

I honestly did not expect to see that but it was pretty cool, nonetheless.

Sadly there’s no release date on this particular outing, but I’m assuming it’s coming in the fall. The bow and arrow gameplay also looks like it could be a ton of fun to use. These sort of features tossed into Nintendo Switch games could easily make them some of the better versions out there, even if they lack the graphical prowess of the other systems.

Anyway, it would be nice to learn more about Skyrim: Switch but Bethesda seems to be really playing this particular release close to the chest.

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