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1431480cookie-checkEagle Island’s Game Concept Brings Back Classic 16-bit Platforming

Eagle Island’s Game Concept Brings Back Classic 16-bit Platforming

Eagle Island is a side-scrolling adventure game that takes inspiration from some of the great classics from the mid-90s era of gaming.

Develop Pixelnicks says that classic games like Super Metroid, Yoshi’s Island and Rogue Legacy were a few inspirations for his game, and it shows when you see the basic concept with both the graphic art style and how the world map is designed.

From the trailer, you will see that the map is designed similar to Super Metroid’s map, so you can travel back and forth between areas as you explore the Eagle Island and battle enemies. While on your journey you will be able to meet other characters, collect perks to increase your abilities, and travel across nine unique areas located around the map.

The story follows our young hero and the owls that he protects. Your journey starts when one of your owls is taken away by a mighty Eagle, and it sounds like you are now out to rescue it while also protecting the other legendary birds on the island to keep them safe. The cool part about Eagle Island is that you will use the owls to fight enemies directly while in combat.

The little owl that follows our main hero in Eagle Island has special abilities and is able to switch its feathers and change its elements to unleash powerful attacks. For example, you can turn its feathers into fire to launch your owl off as a fireball attack to damage nearby enemies.

You can easily switch elements at any time using an elemental radial dial menu that you can rotate around to select different elements. The developer release a small gameplay trailer to show off how Eagle Island actually works in game, so take a look at the trailer linked below.

For now, Eagle Island is still in its early Alpha phase and the game is sitting as a Steam Greenlight concept until the developer adds in enough content to make the game ready for launch.

The developer has made a comment saying that the game currently feels good while playing and it is functional, but it currently only has one and a half of the themed areas completed out of the entire island, and it also only has about four enemies for you to fight.

As you can see, the game still has a long way to go for development, but so far the concept, art style, and overall theme of the game looks pretty cool.

Last but not least, the developer is planning on holding a Kickstarter Campaign and a proper Steam Greenlight voting process sometime during the new year so that he can finish the rest of the game.

So, keep an eye out for further updates and information as the game progresses forward with development. If you would like to keep up to date with the game, you can follow Pixelnicks on his Twitter page or visit his Facebook page to receive regular updates about Eagle Island.

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