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1435460cookie-checkEcho Lake Coming To Steam Early Access January 27th, 2017

Echo Lake Coming To Steam Early Access January 27th, 2017

Voted through by the community over on Greenlight, the devs Capsule Three have taken their indie lake constellation project, Echo Lake, to Steam for supporters and gamers alike to play. The game will be playable starting January 27th, 2017, for PC via Steam Early Access.

The top-down 2D puzzle game sees players traveling about a vast lake to solve over 100 different types of constellation puzzles. Folks may recall this puzzler being on Steam Greenlight sometime back, but now that it is off the platform and getting ready to launch next month, folks will be able to get an early glimpse of the game before it launches.

Something worth noting, if you can’t find the game on Greenlight that’s because Echo Lake went by another name, Observatorium. The game not only received a name change but also underwent some slight changes graphically, and I’m sure mechanically, when in Greenlight until now.

Before showing the game’s trailer, the official description sits below.

Enter the moonlit world of Echo Lake: a single-player puzzle-adventure game coming soon to Early Access.

The game’s story follows a 9-year-old boy named Kit, who sets out to explore a lake in a row boat. While following the kid players must utilize a telescope to discover constellations that merge space with nature. Catch fish and command sea-life to expand your abilities and uncover secrets hidden throughout the lake.

Ultimately, Echo Lake is one of those relaxing puzzlers that require folks to go to one location to solve a puzzle to another to repeat the same process, until players reach the next objective. But, while traveling about there will be pickups to discover and eight sea-life varieties to master.

If Echo Lake seems like something worth playing when it releases on January 27th, 2017 then you can head on over to or to the game’s newly posted Steam Early Access page for more info.

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